New Year New Post

Wow it has been a long time since I posted! A lot of things have happened. The country has elected a new President. Many things have changed and I find myself nearing the end of my junior year. It is going to be a very stressful time soon — applying to graduate school.

Time has treated me well. I have had a great year so far. Learned a lot of Quantum Mechanics last semester and am continuing to study Quantum Mechanics this semester.  It is really exciting learning about perturbation theory and making predictions about real things. I am also learning about condensed matter models in my other physic class and it is great to finally get a full understanding of a lot of things you have heard in the course of your research. I finally have an understanding how some selection rules are derived (in Raman Spectroscopy) or how X-ray Fluorescent spectroscopy arises from first principles.

On the student government front. It’s been a very productive year. I am happy to say that a policy removing all students from housing for marijuana posession has been changed. Now the policy allows for consideration of hardships faced by students and considers giving students a second chance.

I am also proud of the work done by the Mental Health Taskforce. It was a group effort and we finally released our report. A report that will hopefully result in significant changes to how Mental Health issues are handled on campus. Please take a second to read the report: Mental Health Taskforce Report.

I am also happy to report the support of the BRIDGE act by RUSA. See adopted resolution and report here: RUSA Supports BRIDGE Act.

Lastly, I am happy to report that the University Senate acted and adopted a resolution I authored as a Senator last year. This resolution seeks to unite the Rutgers campuses by recommending policies that allow students to more easily transfer between Rutgers campuses. Please see the resolution and report here: Taking Courses On Other Campuses.

Signing off, hopefully will have time to continue to post things here!